I love twitter because I can just spill everything out on there and like nobody notices or says anything to me about it but like if I did that on Facebook or Tumblr then omfg

I’m apparently doing acid on Friday but I’m not getting my hopes up

i was doing my tax but i lost the reciept i got from the cancer council telling me how much i’ve donated for tax purposes i’m thinking about totally disregarding it but it’s not like they’re going to get that money are they?


(by Maurice_van_Es)

i’m in the ballot for meredith but i probably won’t end up going :(((

Sweet poncho that my Nanna knitted me

Damn I’m watching sailor moon that isn’t dubbed or subbed I’m such a weeaboo hahaha!!

My mum tagged me in this damn I think she thinks I’m still a 16 year old /b/ro how cute???