so basically i’m working on audio for that video i made last night & it’s essentially me calling for daddy (who is mc ride obvs) & asking him to come home


Pulp Fiction - 1994

gerhard richter
Tumblr should add WebM support!


GIFs are nice and all, but they’re archaic. WebM, if you didn’t know, is a format created by Google that aims to replace old and dying formats like GIF and improve them on every possible aspect:

  1. WebM supports 24 bits (16,777,216 variations) of color with 8 bits (256 variations) of transparency - as opposed to a maximum of 8 bits (256 variations) of color and 1 bit (on or off) of transparency in GIF.

  2. WebM takes up much less space. A GIF converted to WebM with the same amount of compression is 68% smaller than the original GIF.
    This means that under the same limitation of 2MB and 500px width, an average WebM would be about 40 seconds long - and that’s in full color and 29.97 FPS (It’s a variable bitrate, so you can adjust the quality and framerate to fit whatever size and length you want).

  3. WebMs are fully supported in almost all browsers, and virtually all mobile browser (it’s a standard of HTML5). which also means it doesn’t require any 3rd party codecs or tools to view online.

WebMs are far superior to GIFs in every single parameter, and so far the only social media site that utilizes them is…… 4chan!

Reblog this to raise awareness of this amazing format that needs to be introduced as soon as possible!

Imagine the possibilities!

me rn


damn the batteries in my mouse are goin flat frick

showin kittening aphex twin for the first time l o l